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Comment by Again? on 956-329-7114
Thursday, 13 Dec 2018 @ 13:12pm
This number keeps calling me, but i don't know anyone from Edinburg.

Its getting really annoying
Comment by Jay on 407-530-0811
Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 @ 14:50pm
texted me as "Jordan". Appologized for the "random text" but wanted to make an offer on my house. Scam? Dont know. I did not reply. The number hails from Kissimmee, FL, which is approx 45 miles from my home. Coulda been real I guess. I DO NOT have my house up for sale though-and never have..
Comment by M&T Bank on 302-358-0263
Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 @ 09:49am
This phone was left at M&T Bank 3801 Kennett Pike Wilmington De 19807
Comment by Rebbecca on 608-739-1136
Sunday, 9 Dec 2018 @ 09:09am
Why haven't you being picking my calls.. and you haven't being replying my text even in Instagram.. What have i done.. I miss you so much come back to me..
Comment by Tricia S on 423-241-8446
Saturday, 8 Dec 2018 @ 16:16pm
Sent me a text at 6:05 p.m. from Bank of America. Account temporarily locked. Please visit www.bankofamerica.com-ID2259.basicsfoundation.org/?uld=ZQCEBDBHElll
Comment by Tricia S on 423-241-8446
Saturday, 8 Dec 2018 @ 16:16pm
Sent me a text at 6:05 p.m. from Bank of America. Account temporarily locked. Please visit www.bankofamerica.com-ID2259.basicsfoundation.org/?uld=ZQCEBDBHElll
Comment by Chelle Smith on 646-412-5596
Thursday, 6 Dec 2018 @ 16:07pm
"Business Development Center" .. was calling from an 877# and now calling from this New York number. It's SPAM .. supposedly I completed an application to work from home. I did not. They have been calling me for weeks after being asked to remove me from their call list.
Comment by Scott on 512-532-5573
Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 @ 10:26am
Asked me if I owned property off of "Clearview Drive"

Likely just trying to collect working # for phone banks.
Comment by Zaina on 570-284-6015
Monday, 3 Dec 2018 @ 03:37am
Big time scammers who to be claimed they are delivery courier for my iPhone but scam and stole AU$6000-8000
Comment by Kimberly Marino on 402-265-5524
Saturday, 1 Dec 2018 @ 13:01pm
I keep getting this call an they hang up an I live alone
Comment by Chrissypoo on 518-345-7901
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 @ 15:00pm
Linda George from 518-345-7901 was the name this scammer used. Attempted to scam a gift card I was selling on Craigslist.
Comment by Bruce Brakebill on 304-409-2506
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 @ 12:56pm
Yes this afternoon in unknown text reported as junk not in my contacts either said fat ass I'am 155/160 he needs his eye doctor don't know how these people get my cell either.
Comment by Tip on 720-515-9169
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 @ 07:15am
It's a prositute
Comment by June davis on 570-284-6040
Monday, 26 Nov 2018 @ 17:52pm
Showed pictures of his penis
Comment by Alekhya on 720-359-5841
Monday, 26 Nov 2018 @ 13:35pm
Received a call from this number.
Comment by Finn Prado on 815-516-7353
Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018 @ 21:32pm
so this man facetimes me and i get a quick screenshot but yea after that he hung up lmao
Comment by d on 646-326-5818
Sunday, 18 Nov 2018 @ 09:55am
Stay away..fake
Comment by Michael on 916-432-4141
Friday, 16 Nov 2018 @ 11:08am
They call, I answer and they say nothing. They hang up after a few seconds. I called the number and got a message about maximum calls.
Comment by Hilary on 970-318-3220
Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018 @ 10:17am
I received a call from this number saying I won 500.000 £ thanks to a Whatsapp Lottery of some kind, they asked how I wanted to receive the payment, if through my bank or the post office. They even sent a fake certificate that said my number won. I can tell they are a scam from a thousand miles away.
Comment by Holly on 203-231-6772
Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018 @ 09:20am
SPAM - sign up for a credit card - all autmated.....they call daily!
Comment by Misty76 on 256-429-8389
Tuesday, 6 Nov 2018 @ 12:41pm
I have had messages from the same number.
Comment by Caleb Ens on 818-649-9415
Sunday, 4 Nov 2018 @ 13:06pm
Was given to me in association with eBay motors. Needless to say, someone tried to scam me.
Comment by Anonymous on 781-205-9526
Friday, 2 Nov 2018 @ 13:14pm
Recieved text message from number about political stuff.
Comment by Marianne on 817-440-4511
Thursday, 1 Nov 2018 @ 14:48pm
This is not a USA phone number. It originally showed up with a + in front indicating a foreign number. They keep calling claiming to be the US department of Social Security Administration and that there has been fraudulent activity with my SS# and to verify my name, SS# and address. The US Dept. of SS Administration doesn't have my cell phone number and they would never cold call anyone to verify their info over the phone. This is an illegal call and attempt to gain vital statistics for identity theft and fraud. Beware!
Comment by Person on 215-399-5584
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018 @ 08:05am
Independent Consultant from a company called McAdam but the caller ID said Cypress Commercial. Sales call for supplementing 401K. Real or fake? When I asked for a call back number the person named Josh hung up on me. They wanted my email address.

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