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Phone Number: 206-317-1296
Suffix: 206
Prefix: 317
Country: United States of America - USA
State: WA - Washington
County: King
City: Seattle
Type: Landline Phone
Providor: World Communications, Inc. - Wa

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Comment by Smarty
Thursday, 19 Feb 2015 @ 12:18pm
I received a call from some guy with a thick accent saying he was from the IRS and they are calling about a criminal lawsuit. The IRS would not call about a criminal lawsuit. They also wouldn't say they are getting ready to file a criminal lawsuit against you until they had spoken to you and you were part of that investigation (providing them receipts, or documents, or whatever). They are saying that to scare you into calling. DON'T CALL BACK - FAKE - PHISHING SCAM - THEY WANT YOUR SENSITIVE INFORMATION SO THEY CAN STEAL YOUR IDENTITY. Stay away.
Comment by NFL
Monday, 23 Feb 2015 @ 09:02am
This is a total scam do not even call back the IRS would never contact anyone sounding like these clowns sound on their phony voice mail message
Comment by Emily Gonzalez
Monday, 23 Feb 2015 @ 12:52pm

An Officer Alex Watson left a message from the internal revenue department regarding a criminal lawsuit held against us and left a case number CH94436 and his contact (206) 317-1296. Well my husband return his call this morning and spoke with Christopher Scoot ID WA75231. He proceed to tell my husband that we owe over $2000 in taxes from 2012 and demanding that we sent him $700 and set up payment plan or he will be sending the sheriff over to the house within 30 minutes to take us to jail!!! We argued over the phone for about 45 minutes and advise him we never receiving a letter or a phone call to take care of this matter. Well he convince my husband to go to the bank and take out cash and was about to wire him money. What?? This did not make any sense to me so I jump on the computer and look up this number (206) 317-1297 come to fine out it a f**king scam. I text my husband right away and even took a picture of the Internet page showing it was a total scam! We have already been scammed once before and paid over $1000. Please beware of the scams!!!
Comment by concerned
Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015 @ 09:15am
Heavily accented individual calling himself "Officer Alex Watson" with the legal department of the iRS called regarding a criminal lawsuit involving me. Gave a cae number and cautioned me as to the "time critical" nature of the call. Last words were to wish me luck as the situation unfolds on me. asking for Dominick
Comment by Slor
Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015 @ 10:54am
You can pretty much assume anyone calling you with a thick accent threatening you with impending doom is full of it. You'd think they at least disguise their voice better. These idiots just called my mother with the same message. As soon as I heard their voice, the things they were saying, and their transparent threats I knew it was a scare scam. Then I googled the number and boom, this site and about a hundred others pop up with people reporting the same thing. Big surprise. If anyone calls you threatening criminal trials, jail time, ruined credit, etc it's probably BS. Even legitimate debt collectors will threaten you and say that they're going to send you to jail if you don't pay the outstanding debt because they get to work based on how much money they bring in and they're allowed to lie to do it. The sooner the better. Question everything.
Comment by Donna
Wednesday, 4 Mar 2015 @ 12:12pm
Just received a message saying a lawsuit was filed against me and my attorney needed to respond and if I didnt respond there would be dire consequence and all the caller could do was to wish me good luck. The caller seem to have an accent that was struggling with English language-getting so sick of these spammers. I am familiar with the court process and know that lawsuits must have certified mail notification and its not done by mail without my name being used.
Comment by ew
Thursday, 18 Jun 2015 @ 14:59pm
SCAM SCAM called saying I owed $1000 back taxes from 2007 said they sent 3 letters, caller couldnt even tell me who I was? i said if your the IRS you would surely know that. I hung up on them.
Comment by Ari
Thursday, 18 Jun 2015 @ 15:29pm
I just received a call from these people and called them back only to challenge their story. First off, the IRS doesn't use foreign call centers. They are blocked by law from doing so. The IRS does not pay others to collect debts for them. They are blocked by law from doing so. When I pointed this out to the scammers, they hung up on me. The IRS is not allowed to hang up on taxpayers. I used to work closely with the IRS in Washington, DC. Too many red flags made me want to engage them and it got heated (but I won because they couldn't take the pressure and hung up on me and blocked my number).

It was kind of fun to listen to them verbally squirm.

If you seek to engage these people, question them on who they are really work for. They get really nervous when you're the one asking questions. Don't answer any of their questions. Just keep asking questions about who they are, where they are, who they work for.

Do not give them ANY of your information: not your name, not your phone number, not your SSN, nothing! I had a fake name and SSN prepared just to see how deep a hole they would dig for themselves. I didn't even have to get that far.

Comment by Linda
Friday, 19 Jun 2015 @ 11:42am
I received a cal from the above-listed phone #, but did not answer (twice). The message left also indicated that a lawsuit was being filed against me. The phone number was as indicated on this page.

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